Reschedule, Don’t Cancel

Save self-employed service providers & small businesses

Reschedule, prepay for services, buy gift cards β€” but please, do not cancel. Cancelling kills small businesses.

Pledge your support and give your voice to the self-employed service providers, independent contractors, and small businesses as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

Step 01.

Pledge your support for small businesses

I pledge to postpone my bookings, pre-pay for deferred services, buy gift certificates, and tip generously when I can.

people have taken the pledge.

Step 02.

About the movement

At its core, #RescheduleDontCancel aims to reach the millions of consumers who hold the power to support small businesses in what has quickly become their greatest hour of need.

In banding together, we hope to amplify the voices of business owners whose livelihoods are at risk and inspire the public to make mindful decisions that protect the individuals who breathe creativity, character, and innovation into our communities. HoneyBook, along with our partners, invites you to join us in our efforts to turn this moment of hardship into a story of joint resilience.

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Resources for Businesses

COVID-19’s Impact on the Self-Employed

COVID-19 has put life on pause, upending our plans and creating uncertainty for our families, businesses, and the broader economy.

The business owners, independent contractors, and self-employed service providers who make up about one-third of the total employable workforce are among the most vulnerable in this crisis. Not only have they lost significant revenue due to cancelled bookings and events, many do not have the cash buffers necessary to weather the storm, nor the ability to tap capital markets the way larger businesses can.

This could result in over a million jobs lost β€” friends and neighbors who will find themselves without the ability to pay for rent, food, and other essentials and putting them at risk of bankruptcy.

While federal efforts like the CARES Act will provide some relief, aid is limited and has reportedly been difficult to qualify for, leaving their businesses and livelihood in your hands.